sellers checklistThings to consider

The main areas that you should cover are listed below. To make it easier for you, have a look at our Buyer’s Checklist.

There are a number of inspection options, from do-it-yourself to professional help. Amongst other things, check:

the structure of the building, for example the foundations, plumbing, wiring, dampness, cracks in the walls;

whether there is any part of a building that overhangs an adjoining property;

the condition of the fences;the gutters, eaves, roof, exposed pipes;

is there cracking?

any signs of rain damage or leaks?

any council notices about local flooding?

do all the electricity switches work and the state of the wiring?

water pressure and plumbing?

the drainage from the bath and other outlets?

any signs of rising damp?state of the roof, tiles, and guttering?